June 14, 2016

Veenkolonien Books

This project was broken up into 2 tasks. Firstly we were asked to create a book based on the general opinion or knowledge of the area of Veenkolonien, a province of Groningen in the Netherlands. After completing some research and visiting the area myself, I learnt a lot about the development of the province which was very interesting due to the amount of various work industries that came and went throughout the area. Therefore I created a book showing a brief timeline of the development of Veenkoloien and designed it in a pull-out book concept, representing how the majority of villages have their buildings built alongside of the canals.



After completing the initial research and creating the first book, we were then asked to create another book which represented our own opinion of the area. My book showed how I thought the area felt very quiet and somehow isolated compared the the main city of Groningen, showing the photographs I took there in black and white to emphasise how quiet the place seemed during my visit there. Each page gets bigger with each turn, while the photographs remain the same size creating the effect of the image getting more distance from the reader, thus more isolated.