June 14, 2016

Art Book Covers

These three redesigns of these art books are part of a typography project, in which I was asked to design three art book covers as a series following the same set of rules. The rule that I created for myself was that I would create the type for each cover based on the material that each artist used. These were chocolate, chalk and spray paint. I created stencils with a plotting machine and then proceeded to create the covers by pouring, spraying and filling in the materials onto the stencils. As you see below I was able to create 6 covers in total, 3 from my original plan and an extra 3 from the stencils themselves after they had been used.

CFP1 Mockup

TFP1 Mockup

WMNGB1 Mockup

CFP2 Mockup

TFP Mockup

WMNGB2 Mockup